About The Band

Dave McClelland

Apart from being a great vocalist, Dave also plays rhythm guitar and harmonica. His voice is equally suited to singing blues, rock, pop, reggae, country and more – you name it, he can sing it (as long as he knows the words that is!). Dave has been performing in pubs and clubs for many years and when not performing with The BenZ, on occasion can be found singing and playing as a solo artist. He has also written and recorded two fine albums under the name of Dave Mac.


Stuart Dunn

Stuart has been playing the drums for many years in a number of function bands and blues bands. Having co-founded The BenZ with Dave in 2011, Stuart keeps the band in check with his solid timing and funky grooves. As with most drummers, he is a very quiet and retiring sort and likes to hide behind his kit and collection of hats.


Mike Price

Mike was asked to join the group in the autumn of 2012 after meeting Dave and Stu at a local open mike night. A fantastic bass player, Mike along with Stu keeps it all together whether it’s rock, pop or funking it up, Mike is as good as it gets and it gets good! Also to be heard adding harmonies and backing vocals, a very versatile player.


Barry Kitchin

A brilliant guitarist, Barry joined The BenZ towards the end of 2014. His guitar playing and notably lead solo’s set the standard that many other guitarists strive for. A full-time guitar teacher, he’s equally at home playing rock, jazz, funk, in fact anything! Having performed with many great bands over the years it would be an understatement to say Barry is a fine session player and a massive asset to The BenZ.